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Your opinion matters ! Please share your opinion and tell weather it feels good to live where you lived or not.

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  • Concordia Plaza

    Los Concordia Plaza fueron de los mejores apartamentos que miramos dentro del 4 anillo dentro de la ciudad de Pekin.
    Ofrecen todo tipo de comodidades que creemos que son bastantes necesarias para vivir bien en China. Hay piscina privada, gimnasio y parque infantil para los niños aunque nuestros hijos son ya mayores y no lo usan. Los restaurantes hay días que vienen bien para salir a cenar cerca de casa aunque como la zona es muy completa, ofrece muchos mas lugares para disfrutar. Queríamos vivir cerca de las embajadas por motivos de trabajo y para evitar los atascos en las horas puntas.
    La ciudad es bastante segura y el transporte publico funciona bastante bien por lo cual vivir algo cerca del centro es cómodo y no tardamos mas de 20 minutos o media hora. Tenemos la linea 10 de metro cerca lo que es una ventaja ya que hay zonas en las que solo pasan autobuses y son mucho mas lentos. Los apartamentos son amplios y los cuartos de baño de estilo europeo, datos importantes a la hora de elegir una casa en Pekin.
    Tuvimos que decorar la casa a nuestro gusto y eso supuso invertir algún dinero extra en el apartamento pero no nos importo. En resumen estamos muy contentos con nuestra casa.

    Review by: Gonzalo y Belen

  • Chateau Edinburgh

    I recently rent a single room in this compound and feel very comfortable. If you work near Sanlitun or Hujialou it has a great access to line 10 of the Beijing subway which is good because the city is quit big and sometimes you lose a lot of time going from one point to another. The area arounf offers a lot of restaurant and shops too and if you want to go out at nights to the area of Sanlitun or Workers Stadium Clubs its very convenient! The apartment was very new and comfortable.

    Review by: Mark

  • Dynasty Garden

    I moved with my family to Dynasty Garden 7 months ago and we really had a great time in this community. People are friendly and my wife liked the syle of the villas. Our son is 4 years old and we wanted to live outside the city in order to avoid smog and find a nice place with a family club and a garden. It is great because we can enjoy Beijing when we want and drive to the city but Shunyi is a good place to live with your family if you are an expat. If you like the city style life dont coose Shunyi but if you find China to caotic it is the perfect area.

    Review by: Family Baumer

  • Fortune Heights

    If you like to be in the middle of the city, Fortune Heights is awesome. The apartment offers comfort, lux and is perfect is you work in the CBD area. This is my fourth year in Beijing and I really like to live here. It offers more comodities than other compound without sport place and this is especialy good during the winter period in the city. It is well located if you want to go to Chaoyang Park during the weekends or to Sanlitun. The best thing would be to but a motorcycle because the area is popular for the bif traffic jumps! I can enjoy the Beijing and found a place for myself but if you dont like the city stress I dont advice you to look for accomodation around this area.

    Review by: David

  • Fortune Heights

    We moved to the CBD area because we work here but is is awesome to live in the middle of the modern Beijing. In the evenings you can enjoy the views and you have a lot of comfort having the hutong area near but also Sanlitun. Forget about having a car in the center of the city but the tube is not far away. My boyfriend and I recommend to couples to have a look in Fortune Heights.

    Review by: Julien and Cami

  • Kings Garden

    Kings garden has a really good location because it is not far away from the business center CBD and Sanlitun and you can live in a big house inside a nice community. It has a lot of green space which is good for doing some sport like jogging and have a safe area for your kids but you will find a lot of insects and mosquitos. You definitively need more time to fix the house but you have a playground for children which is not easy to find outside western compounds. I work for the French embassy which is an advantage because it is very near!

    Review by: Catherine

  • Leman Lake Villas

    The villa area is great and when we moved in we could chose the villa. Leman lake offers a lot of comforts my family and I needed like: more than one parking place, a big kitchen and a garden for our dog. If you dont need to go downtown the area offers a high quality life style with a clubhouse. It is nice to have a garden during the summer but in winter it gets very cold and sometimes we had problems to go to the city center with the car. You will not notice you are living in China.

    Review by: Tania and family

  • DRC Sanlitun

    The compound is OK if you want to have an economic apartment in the middle of Sanlitun. You will find a lot of stores, restaurants and the Sanlitun Village shopping mall very near. The Workers Stadium has almost all of the Night Clubs which is a great advantage for going out every weekend it is perfect and if you work in CBD or Lufthansa and want to ride a bike or a motorcycle this is your place. But do not expect any peace in this area or a lot of extra comfort like outside the city. To take a bus its perfect but the tube is more far away. Im very happy living here but I honestly recommend it for young and single people or a couple.

    Review by: Max

  • Victoria Garden (Park 15)

    The style of the apartment really impressed us and the facilities around are usually good when we want to go out during weekdays but sanlitun is very near for the weekends. The inside garden and to be near Chaoyang park is a gift in Beijing because you will not find a lot of Greenspaces! To have a gym at home is very useful when it gets cold. It is perfect for living between the new center and CBD but sometimes it takes longer in the mornings inside the bus which is a bit annoying.

    Review by: George and Stefi

  • Megahall

    The area of Dongzhimen is very impressive and is on the top in Beijing. The compound is new and offers everything you need after work: sauna, massage and fitness. I feel very comfortable living here because everything is near if you want to go to Sanlitun or CBD. If you dont have a motorbike dont worry because the tube is 5 minutes away. The big lake offers a nice view but brings more humidity in summer. Ive spend one year living here and it was the best place I could have ever choose.

    Review by: Paul

  • SOHO Sanlitun

    Some people maybe dont like to live in the middle of everything but for my 6 months in Beijing, Soho was amazing. Infront of Sanlitun Village and very near from my work by bike, I was able to have a lot of comfort around me. Massage treatments, shops, bars and more!It was perfect for going out at weekends because I dont even needed to pick a cup.
    The only worst thing is the non stop noise of Gongti road.
    The modern and especial design of the building quickly catch my atention!

    Review by: Helen

  • Pop Moma

    We have been living in this compound for two years and it was a good time. Not far away from the modern city center but maybe a bit if you want to visit some main places in Beijing. If you work near the second ring road it is perfect because if not you will lose a lot of time every day! You have a fiew equipments like a gym inside the compound and outside banks and restaurants. Quality is good as so the price range.

    Review by: Sophie and Clement

  • CBD Private Castle

    For me the apartment in Private Castle was a good choice because I work inside the CBD and Chaoyang Park is so near I can go jogging every day if I like to. It offers equipments like a nice gym which is perfect for the winter. It offers a lot of space and a new and welcoming design which convince me to make this choice. You can enjoy the Chinese spark with all the possible comfort.

    Review by: Jurgen

  • Xanadu

    The location couldnt be better in Xanadu. My husband works in CBD so we wanted to live in the center which was also good for me to be able to join my Chinese lessons every day. We moved 3 months ago and living here made us have an easy adaptation in Beijing. The compound is hughe so maybe you will be able to make some expat friends too. Apartments are new and we really loved the inside design which had a lot of style. Price range is good for what the compound offers.

    Review by: Claudia and Niklas

  • Central Park

    Central park compound is perfect if you want to have a warm and confortable life in Beijing with kids. It offers a gym, restaurants and hair and beauty saloon which is good if you do not have so much time to go out during the weekdays. But it is also 10 minutes away by car from the modern area of Sanlitun. Chaoyang park is not far away by car so you can bring your children to enjoy outdoor activities. If not, dont worry because Central park has a private garden too. If you cannot live without your car, its not a problem because they also offer parking. It has been very easy to adapt to China in Central park.

    Review by: Marissa y family

  • Seasons Park

    This compound is very well located inside the city center of Beijing in the area of Sanlitun. We really like Sanlitun because of the variety of restaurants and shops the area offers. It has a mix of chinese style with western style life: cheap Chinese restaurants and a variety of others. Very funny and amazing area for going out at nights around the Workers Stadium and easy to take a taxi too. You have a lot of buses to move inside Beijing at any time of the day. The design of the apartment is modern and warm. If you like sport the compound is perfect because it has a gym with a lot of activities, swmming pool, tennis and golf field. We made a good decision!

    Review by: Emilie

  • Embassy House

    Our compound is really spacious and offers a lot of comfort. The apartments have good style if we talk about decoration offering a spa centre too. It is perfect if you arrive home after work and wish to have a massage or enjoy the sauna.<br />
    I definitively think that is one of the best things I did not have in my home country.
    We really like the area of Dongzhimen to live in Beijing. It is very weel situated and you have Sanlitun very near too. If you work in CBD it would not take long to arrive every day.

    Review by: Caroline

  • Yosemite

    You can choose living in a Villa in Beijing which offers more quality of life-style for all the members of your family.Villas are amazing and offer a lot of space. It is a bit far away from the city but if you have a car there is no problem at all. Yosemite offers different style of villas and a lot of green space to enjoy outdoor activities. You will feel like at home! Most people in Yosemite are american and have kids too. If you decide to send your kids to the American School it makes sense to look for one villa here. We have also a private sport club which is a hughe advantage to enjoy your free time and make new friends. It is not exactly a Chinese living style but you will avoid the disadvantages of the city center.

    Review by: Family Smith

  • Cathay View

    If you want to enjoy the real Chinese style life in a Hutong but with western neighboors, Cathay View would be perfect. The area is a bit far away from the center of Beijing but you have supermarkets, shops and sport clubs very near. The indoor style is new and very luxurious. You probably will not find Hutongs like these in the center of Beijing. It is good located if you need to travel a lot and spend time in the suburb areas. We usually go out to the center during the weekends but maybe if you like the center it is not so convenient. My wife and I are very happy living the experience of the hutong but with comfort. It has been a good decision for us to move together to Beijing for a long time!

    Review by: Ben and Lisa

  • East Lake Villa

    My family enjoys every day in China this type of house. You get a different impression when you choose a Chinese style home and we like it because we wanted to make the most out of our time in Beijing. The location is great if you want to go out to Sanlitun and Chaoyang Park every day and for me it was very convenient because of my job in the CBD area. We have two teenagers so they can come back home by themselves. Its also a calm place surrounded by a lake which makes you feel in a spa all day long!All our new friends liked our house and we honestly feel like at home!

    Review by: Family Martin

  • Grand Hills

    We always lived in the countryside so we wanted to have a big house away from the center with enough space and a nice garden. We also needed a big house because our children have animals and big dogs are not allowed inside the 4ring road. Beijing is a great city but you get sometimes tired of it. Grand hills ofers everything you need: swimming pool, sauna, gym and restaurants. It is a friendly community of expats close to Shunyi. If you need to ride to the center by car it is okey. Sometimes I have to spend too much time in the car to take a ride downtown or pick up my children but for more space and security, Grand hills is fine.

    Review by: Elisabeth

  • Lane Bridge

    Lane Bridge is a lovely community perfect if you are moving to Beijing for a few years with kids. You can enjoy the city when you want but here you will have big gardens, safety, facilities such as schoolbus, sport club and supermarket. You will not notice a big change which is important to adapt better. We had a great time in China and we finally obtain the perfect balance between our life style and the Chinese culture.

    Review by: Steven Family

  • Lian Bao Garden

    I moved recently to Beijing for a short time and found a nice place in LianBao Apartments. The apartments are very spacious inside with a nice living room and big kitchen which is not often in the center of the city. Sanlitun is a good area and offers a lot of restaurants, bars and night clubs. You have two shopping malls 5 min away and a los of buses to be able to arrive where you want. The tube station is 10minutes away by bus but it is okey for some days if you can pick a bus to your work place. It is a great area to mix Chinese culture with wester comford. You will not find big parks around but if you want there is a nice walk around the Workers stadium to do jogging. If you are young and you really enjoy night life, Sanlitun is definitively your place! It is easy to pick a taxi and if not you can walk home from most of the clubs. The only problem Ive noticed is that maybe during the summer period it is easy to find some skinny insects even if the apartment is clean but insects during hot periods are common in Beijing and even more if you have a garden. Im honestly happy in the city living in LianBao.

    Review by: Mercedes

  • Central Park

    I used to live in a Central Park penthouse (for three years). I have to say that it was a great accommodation for my short stay in Beijing. The management was a bit slow at fixing some problems during the beginning of my stay, but after a while they got to know me and were more reactive to my needs.

    Top location in the CBD area
    Clean building with daily cleaning staff going around the property
    Good quality building compared with other Beijing properties
    Lots of easy access to shops, including restaurants, bars, and shopping center (Guomao, Fortune Mall, SOHO, The Place, etc…)
    Family-orientated with a large central garden and kindergarten nearby
    Almost every taxi driver knows where Central Park is
    Amazing club house

    Management is not friendly towards pets
    Price is getting very expensive with regards to size of the apartments (especially considering that a new building recently opened nearby)
    Outside window cleaning is not done often

    Review by: Sonia & Alex

  • Central Park

    Central Park is a nice location with a lot of surrounding entertainment in the area. I live in a one bedroom apartment which can get expensive for considering its size, but being right in the center of the CBD makes up for it since it’s easy access to my work. The traffic can be awful during peak hours which sometimes makes me late to work, but most of the time I use the subway (Line 10).The management is fine and always ready to help. Great place!

    Review by: Camille

  • Central Park

    I just arrived in a 2-bedroom apartment in Central Park last month and it is honestly a very convenient location for people working in the CBD area. You have a ton of taxis waiting for you outside all the time and many bars, restaurants, and shopping areas are nearby. The only thing I did noticed compared to my old apartment in Embassy House is that the price of everything is a bit more expensive than Dongzhimen. I did not find any major supermarket in the area, and it is not easy to find some cheap Chinese restaurants around. Apart from that, the building and management (Savills) is pretty good and many foreigners live in Central Park after many years in Beijing (which makes me feel good again). Living in Central Park gives the feeling of living in the heart of the CBD in a modern metropolis such as Hong Kong or New York, forgetting that I am in China.

    Review by: Steven

  • Central Park

    My husband and I have been living in Central Park for the last 5 years and are very happy to stay where we are. The surroundings are great with many expat families and convenient stores around. In the summer, you can see many families with kids playing in the park. It’s very possible to live in Central Park without having to speak much Chinese. My husband often gets annoyed with the slow internet connection, but considering he’s on the computer all day at work, it’s not that much of an inconvenience. I highly recommend Central Park as a home for expat families because its location, management, and services are some of the best you can find in Beijing.

    Review by: Cristina and Stefano

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